Learnatronics Workshops for Teachers

"Katie & Miles were very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. Learnatronics is an awesome program for students."

"[The workshop's] small class size & powerpoint was very helpful. Great workshop!"

The aspects of the workshop that worked well were "troubleshooting, hints, & tips."

--Collected from end of workshop surveys


Introduction to Electronics Kit

“The kids at [our] High School loved the Theremin Project... I like how the electronics project begins with

the students building simple circuits and progresses to the Memory game and then the Theremin using the

Arduino microprocessor. The Memory game and Theremin give students an opportunity to learn about firmware

and hardware and how they interact. The students don’t have to be experts at electronics since this project

uses simple, step-by-step instructions and continually builds upon previous knowledge.”


“We could not be more pleased with Miles and Breandan at Learnatronics.  They supported us with their

engineering expertise, and made suggestions on how to best implement this with our students. They did not

hesitate to go out of their way to make our mission successful. Their material is first class with color pictures,

definitions, and diagrams. The students learned how to solder on a printed circuit board, read electrical

schematics, troubleshoot their own circuits, interface with software on their own computers, and, most of all,

had a blast playing the Theremin and Memory game. Our Head of School and Science Department were

well pleased with the results.  I would not hesitate to do it again!”


Edward Elizondo, Math Instructor

Lori Pressler, Physics Instructor

Heritage High School, Fredericksburg, TX

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